October 2020

Two new members join the group. Danijela Lunic will begin her PhD and Joel Reuleaux his Master Thesis. Good luck to both and have fun with your chemistry!

Some new equipment arrives - the group is excited to try out our PhotoRedOx Box and the new light bulbs!

September 2020

Congratulations to group alumnus Frédéric Beltran who begins a postdoctoral position with Prof David Procter at the University of Manchester. We welcome Victor Mayerhofer for a Masters Internship in the group.

August 2020

The second paper from the group is accepted for publication in Angew. Chem.! Congratulations Frédéric, Enrico and Ignacio!

July 2020

A paper from Chris's postdoc time in Vienna is accepted for publication in Angew. Chem.!

May 2020

After a period of COVID-19-enforced absence from the lab, we are back doing research with some extra precautions. We welcome Christopher Weike who joins us for his Bachelor Thesis!

February 2020

The first paper of the group is accepted for publication in Chemistry A European Journal. Congratulations to Enrico and Frédéric for all of their hard work!

January 2020

The group attends the New Year Symposium at the IOC here in Aachen. Enrico presents a poster and gives a flash talk!


December 2019

The first work from our group is now on ChemRxiv!

Chris is a Thieme Chemistry Journal Awardee for 2020!

November 2019

Chris is awarded a Young Researcher Award from the MSE profile area at RWTH Aachen.

October 2019

Work from Chris's postdoc period in Vienna is accepted for publication in JACS!

September 2019

Sarah Esser joins the group for a master's internship. Welcome!

August 2019

Sascha Bindßus joins the group as an apprentice. Welcome!

The group joins the Schoenebeck group for a summer BBQ at the institute.

April 2019

Frédéric Beltran and Enrico Bergamaschi join the group as the first postdoc and PhD student respectively. Good luck with your chemistry and have fun!

March 2019

Chris is awarded a Liebig Fellowship

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