Current Group Members

Enrico Bergamaschi

PhD student


BSc, MSc (University of Genoa)

Internship students & apprentices

Frédéric Beltran

Postdoctoral researcher


PhD (University of Strasbourg)

supervisor: Dr. Laurence Miesch

BSc, MSc (University of Montpellier)

Sascha Bindßus (apprentice, Aug '19 - )

Sarah Esser (masters internship student, Sep-Oct '19)

Markus Hofmann (masters internship student, Nov-Dec '19)

Join us

If you are interested in joining a young and enthusiatic research team working on ambitious projects that span organic synthesis, catalysis and photochemistry, contact me directly.


We currently have funding for one PhD position - details here


If you are interested in applying for external funding, strong support will be provided for considered applications. Please email well in advance of any deadlines.

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