Current Group Members

Bergamaschi picture_edited.jpg

Enrico Bergamaschi

PhD student (Apr'19 - present)

BSc, MSc (University of Genoa)

photo_Jingyang Qin_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Jingyang Qin

PhD student (Nov'21 - present)

MSc (Huazhong University of Science

and Technology)

BSc (Henan Agricultural University)


Danijela Lunic

PhD student (Oct'20 - present)

SERP+ Masters (Université Paris-Saclay)

BSc, MSc (University of Novi Sad)

Victor Mayerhofer

Master thesis student

(Feb'22 - present)


Yuqin Shen

Master thesis student

(Apr'22 - present)

Nikita Vystavkin

PhD student (May'22 - present)

MChem (University of Aberdeen)

Masters students, Bachelors students & apprentices

Sascha Bindßus (apprentice, Aug'19-Mar'20)

Sarah Esser (masters internship student, Sep-Oct'19)

Markus Hofmann (masters internship student, Nov-Dec'19)

Christopher Weike (bachelor thesis student, May-Aug'20)

Victor Mayerhofer (masters internship student, Sep-Oct'20)

Yi-Kai Chen (exchange student, National Taiwan University, Nov'20-Feb'21)

Melissa Hohenadel (bachelor thesis student, Apr-Jul'21)

Dawid Tomczak (masters internship student, Jul-Aug'21)

Kevin Weydert (masters internship student, Sept-Oct'21)

Yuqin Shen (masters internship student, Oct-Nov'21)

Niklas Polter (masters internship student, Nov'21-Jan'22)

Gilles Soares de Macedo (masters internship student, Feb-Mar'22)

Fan Zhang (masters internship, Apr-May'22)

Maverick Eilers (masters internship, May'22-now)


F. Beltran picture_edited.jpg

Frédéric Beltran (Apr'19 - Mar'20)

Now: Postdoc in the Procter Group, University of Manchester

mclean photo_edited.jpg

Liam McLean (Aug - Oct'21)

Now: Pharmaron UK


Joel Reuleaux (Sep'20 - Mar'21)

Master thesis student